Courtyard House 2

The client had studied architecture and was inspired to pursue the honesty of materials in the form of a solid, uninsulated concrete building. Entreaties to soften this position were rebuffed, leading to the present solution: a three-story solid concrete wall that surrounds the site. Inside, a channel glass volume hovers above the newly excavated “cellar”, supported by deep structure which spans the building width. A reflecting pool running the length of the lower court disperses ambient light with a slight gurgle, a subtle aural contribution defying the din of the city.

DOB regulations mandate that any area surrounded on three sides by walls must be considered as floor area, even if open to the sky (an attempt to preempt post C of O overbuilding). The first and second floor occupy 90% of the available F.A.R. while the cellar provides an additional 2000SF of usable interior space.