Sun Shelter Pier 41

A call for designs for a sun shelter for Pier 41 in Manhattan.

The area occupied by this pier is one of few left in Manhattan that is both spacious and undeveloped, with phenomenal unbroken views to the water. This sets it apart from the bulk of the intensively developed New York City real estate and provided the motivation behind the solution, two etchings of opposite views of the Hudson River as clouds roll in from the west to shade the pier.

Competition Team: Philippe Baumann, Karl Jensen. Honorable Mention.

2 Etchings, 24″ x 32″. 1997.

The etching text:

We at the Committee for Clouds (and Sun) would like to express our fundamental opposition to the Sun Shelter proposal for Pier 54. As the encroachment of the built environment reaches its final stages on the island of Manhattan, the pier provides a rare escape: any overt attempt to provide shade here compromises this refuge. To avoid the negative psychological impact of yet another choreographed urban intervention, we propose that clouds be deemed sufficient to meet all future sun shade requirements at this site.   —We are the CFC.

Links + Publication

Sun Shelter Competition: Passive Recreation. Competitions. Winter 1997/98. Vol 7, No 4.