East River

A call for designs for the East River and its immediate surroundings.

A vision for New York in the 21st Century is encapsulated in The IPA Commemorative Postcard Pack, a retrospective collection of images of New York City in the first 50 years of the new millennium.

“New York City–Return to Greener Pastures” is a pack of postcards printed in the year 2048 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Interborough Park Authority (IPA), a governing body endowed with the care and development of the park system throughout New York City’s five boroughs.  The fictional establishment of the IPA in 1998 coincides with the renaming of the East River to Middle River and the reclaiming of vast tracts of land along its banks for the creation of Middle Park.  As a resource shared by all the boroughs, Middle River and its parks unite the city by shifting the focus of New York from its present center, Manhattan, to a more common ground. The creation of links from park to park further transform New York’s nature from a city with parks to a city within a park.

A sampling of the perceptual shift which has occurred, both in the attitude of the city’s inhabitants and in their appreciation of their urban environment, is reflected in the postcard pack: evidence of the fundamental changes which follow the urban restructuring. Reproductions of the IPA Commemorative Postcard Pack were disseminated to politicians, business and civic leaders throughout New York in an attempt to initiate discussion of visions for New York in the Third Millennium.

Competition Team: Philippe Baumann, John Herrera, Karl Jensen, Leslie Neblett.
1 Postcard Pack, 16 Postcards, 4″ x 5-3/4″. 1999. Exhibitor.

Links + Publication

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