East Baltimore

A call for submissions to rejuvenate a derelict neighborhood in Baltimore.

Our competition entry proposed to regenerate an abandoned 20-square-block area of East Baltimore not by the insertion of Beaux-Arts-inspired tree-lined promenades, but rather by the introduction of a refugee population there, in this case the Kosovars — political refugees previously confined to makeshift barracks at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. A refrigerator — as seen in a fictional Kosovar home of ten years future — was used to convey the totality of the refugee assimilation and the resultant neighborhood transformation.

Competition Team: Philippe Baumann, Karl Jensen, Nina Mehta, Susa Templin
3 Cibachromes, 30″ x 40″. 2001. Exhibitor.

Links + Publication

Creatively Rethinking Baltimore’s Urban Density. Competitions. Summer 1999. Vol 9, No. 2.